How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Safty

At the end of the year, we decide to decorate our apartment to symbolize the magic of Christmas. If this is your case, it is still crucial that you do it safely. Otherwise, you risk causing a fire or other serious accident and ultimately ruining your parties. So here is what you need to do to ensure that your Christmas decoration is perfectly secure.

Check home insurance

Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Safty
Before even starting to decorate your apartment for Christmas, you should check your home insurance. When decorating the apartment or the house, the two risks we are most often exposed to are electrical damage and fires. You must therefore ensure that you are well covered against these two types of damage. To do this, all you need to do is look at your home insurance policy and check the status of these types of risks.

Choosing the right tree

Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Safty
The Christmas tree is often the center of decoration for the holiday season. However, it must be chosen with care to avoid any risk. One of the main problems you are likely to encounter is a fall from your tree. To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that it is perfectly stable. So, if you opt for an artificial tree, you must make sure that its support is sturdy and well suited, while if you prefer a natural tree, we advise you to put it in a pot. In addition, it is an object which can be flammable. We, therefore, urge you to keep it away from flames and heat sources. For example, avoid putting your tree next to your fireplace, a lamp, or electrical equipment. In the same vein, avoid placing candles next to them or, even worse.

Watch out for string lights!

Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Safty
In a Christmas decoration, the electric garlands are often very present. However, they should be used with caution. Above all, you must avoid plugging them into a socket in poor condition. If you have the slightest doubt about your electrical installation, do not hesitate to have it checked by a professional. Also, remember to unplug them as soon as you are away. This will prevent you from having a nasty surprise when you get home, but also from wasting electricity, and therefore money, unnecessarily. Finally, you need to choose a quality and suitable electric garland. In particular, you must ensure that it has received the CE mark and that it is perfectly waterproof if you use it outdoors.

Take precautions about candles

Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Safty
Candles are also trendy in a Christmas decoration, but they can also be a high fire risk. To limit it, you must therefore use them with care. First of all, you must make sure to place them out of the reach of small children. In addition, they should also be away from your tree. It would be best to remind you to turn them off as soon as no one is in the room. Finally, if you don’t want to take the slightest risk, you can opt for dummy candles, usually, run on batteries or LEDs.


While it is perfectly normal to decorate your apartment for Christmas, it is also important to do it safely to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. First and foremost, you need to make sure you are well covered with your home insurance. In addition, you should also take a stable tree to prevent it from falling and place it away from flames and heat sources. You should also pay attention to light garlands, make sure they are plugged into a socket in good condition, and turn them off when you leave your home. You must also make sure that they are of good quality and suitable for your use. Finally, if you are using candles, you should keep them away from children and your tree. However, if you don’t want to take any risks, you can opt for dummy candles that run on batteries or LEDs.