Christmas Candle Lights: Beautiful, But Not Without Danger

Burning candles on the Advent wreath or the Christmas tree create a cozy atmosphere. Anyone who uses them should, however, observe a few important fire protection rules.

Sometimes just a little carelessness is enough: time and again, burning candles cause room fires, which put people at risk and cause high levels of property damage. That is why the most important principle of fire brigades and firefighters is: Never leave burning candles unattended – not even for a short time! Special safety candles are recommended: With them, the wick does not reach down to the bottom of the candle – the flame goes out before the candle burns down completely.

Candles on the Christmas tree: the most important rules

Christmas Candle Lights

Real candles on the Christmas tree are particularly tricky. Those who do not want to do without them should be particularly careful and observe the following rules:

  • Only attach vertically and make sure there is sufficient distance to branches and decorative material.
  • Use only non-flammable tree decorations.
  • Always light candles on the tree from top to bottom and extinguish them in reverse order.
  • Keep as great a distance as possible from curtains or other flammable objects.
  • Anchor, the tree well in the fir tree, stands so that it cannot fall over.
  • A fresh tree catches fire less quickly than a dry one. Therefore store and water the tree in the open air until the festival.
  • Have extinguishing agents (fire extinguisher, water bucket) ready

Avoid easily flammable materials

Christmas Candle Lights

For example, on the Advent wreath, candles should not come near easily flammable materials in other places, too. They always belong on a fireproof surface – such as a porcelain plate. Candlesticks must be made of non-flammable material. Decorative materials should also not be made of easily flammable material such as paper and should have as much distance as possible from the candles. Sparklers generally do not belong in Advent arrangements or the Christmas tree.

Burning candles should always be placed on a fireproof surface in the Advent arrangement.

What to do when it burns?

If children or pets live in the household, advises the fire brigade to use electric fairy lights. If a fire does break out despite all caution, it is important to have extinguishing agents close at hand. Fire extinguishers are best, but a bucket of water can also help. If the fire gets out of control, leave the room immediately, close the door and call the fire department.