Best DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas To Impress Your Guests

What better way to experience the magic of Christmas than to decorate it with the family on the weekends preceding this special day? An excellent idea that would allow you to save money while taking time with your children.

Christmas balls, garlands, wreaths, table decorations. We have brought together the best inspirations and DIY ideas to make your own Christmas decoration and make this period even more unique. Rest assured, each tutorial is accessible to everyone, even for people allergic to DIY!

Original DIY Christmas balls to decorate your tree

Whether you like this holiday or not, Christmas is inseparable from the tree, a valid symbol of this holiday, and the first decorative task is very often to dress it up.

Imagination is your only limit when creating DIY Christmas balls. Everything is possible depending on your motivation and the time you want to devote to it. The ideas that we will present to you are quick and require little material. So take out thread, glue, ribbon (or other fabric), let’s go!

1. The traditional personalized ball

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas


For a minimalist style decoration, get neutral balls of the material you like the most. Here, in felt. Ideally, take them white (or cream) so that what you add to them stands out. Once your support is acquired, cut 2 small branches that carry 3 to 5 leaves of your favorite plant. Then, cross them at their end and fix them with a bit of glue. Then you have to hide the ends of the stems by gluing a small pompom over them. Result: pretty, simple, and effective balls!

2. Do-it-yourself cardboard star

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

This time, your toilet paper and paper towel rolls will serve you! To start, fold your rolls to flatten them, then, using scissors, cut across the width of the strips of about 1 cm.

From among the scraps obtained, select 5 from the paper towel roll which are normally the largest. Then fix them by one of their end with glue. You will get a flower which will be your basis for the future.

In the same way, take your smaller pieces of cardboard and add them, gluing them, between the petals of your flower. Now all you have to do is paint your DIY Christmas star in the color of your choice!

3. The wooden log suspension

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

For a more rustic atmosphere, here is an ideal DIY Christmas decoration when you have toddlers! To make it, you will either need to get some wooden slices. For this, 2 solutions are available to you: either buy them in a store specializing in decoration or play loggers and cut them yourself. Then you need to use these pieces of wood as supports on which you can paint or glue branches, stars, or pine cone scales. 100% homemade Christmas suspensions!

4. The transparent ball for a natural atmosphere

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Much more straightforward than the previous ideas, the realization of this tutorial will only take you a few minutes to do! You will need to buy transparent balls, either in glass or in plastic, which you will find in all specialized stores as of November generally. Once the containers have been chosen, cut small branches or flowers that you can easily insert into your balls. Screw the cap back on, and voila!

You can take inspiration from this idea to exhibit other elements: confetti, glitter, polystyrene for a snow effect, etc.

DIY garlands the essential to complete the collection

1. The light garland

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

To make a DIY light garland, we recommend starting with an essential LED pendant light and personalizing it. Choose the light that suits you best: white or in colors. Then, wrap and secure additions (stars, snowflakes, etc.) using wooden clamps depending on your inspiration and the current trend. Again, the only limit will be your imagination!

2. The one straight out of the forest

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

On your next walk in the forest, take the opportunity to pick up pine cones. Hanging on a string or a thread, they will make a great ornament! What’s more, it’s a very simple idea to make that doesn’t require any DIY skills.

3. The paper one

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

If origami and decoupage don’t scare you, why not make your garland like this? You can set up an activity with your children who will be proud to display their works in your Christmas tree. Leaves, stars, gift packages, paper snowflakes, or trees, it’s up to you to choose the shape that will look best!

To become a folding pro, do not hesitate to look at the YouTube or Pinterest tutorials. They are generally very useful when you want to get into this kind of manual activity.

The DIY crown for a warm welcome

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

To make a beautiful DIY Christmas wreath, you need a solid base. We recommend 3 options: cut a large circle in a rigid material/cardboard, create a ring with wire or buy a foam ring dedicated to floral arrangements. Depending on your choice, you can then decorate it with leaves or tree branches, pompoms, pine cones, candles, small Christmas balls, ribbon bows. In short, whatever comes to your mind. !

Do not forget the fake snow for an even more magical effect!

DIY Christmas table decoration

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

For a successful table, we recommend that you choose a maximum of 3 colors—Green, brown and white, for example.

For your centerpiece, plants are essential. Take a wooden tray or a large glass dish and use pine cones, colored balls, glitter, and flakes. Otherwise, put one or more tealight holders (or candle holders) with which you can display your most beautiful candles.

For origami pros, now is the time to show off your napkin folding skills! A few small branches borrowed from your Christmas tree will even make it possible to create a hoop to encircle them. You can also make small paper trees, snowflakes, or any other shape to decorate your table.

Do not hesitate to go back to the tutorial you used for your crown. This will make a nice trendy DIY centerpiece.