Beautiful Fashion Wallpaper for Walls In 2021

This article will tell you which wallpapers were trendy in 2021 and what to look for to make your interior play properly. It is worth saying that the choice of wallpaper is always not easy; however, there are some rules that the mod refers to.

There have been various periods in interior design, for example, when wallpaper imitating a particular surface was in fashion, be it a brick wall, plaster, wood, etc. However, to recommend such wallpapers in 2021 is to know to recommend awful taste.

However, there is a caveat because wallpaper is different from wallpaper. Suppose you set a task for manufacturers to make wallpaper for a particular style. In that case, each manufacturer, based on the total cost, will complete the job in different ways, and you will receive completely different wallpapers on store shelves.

Often the choice of wallpaper directly depends on the cost, so you need to decide on the budget before coming to the store. Just decide on your price category and choose a wallpaper from this category.

Conceptual interior design

In our articles, we have repeatedly emphasized the fact that conceptual design is in fashion in 2021. What is it?

Conceptual design is when all the decor elements are around some concept or idea.

For example, you want to create an interior in the original English style from your living room or make a nursery in the style of a corner of nature.

In other words, you pick paint, wallpaper, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, carpets, and even small items based on your initial idea.

Your task is to create a conceptual design of a room, entering which a person would find himself in a kind of separate world. Here you live in USA and entering your living room as if you find yourself in England of the 70s.

I think we figured out the concept.

The rule of three colors

In 2020, simplicity and lightness were in fashion. Comfort is achieved not by clutter, but on the contrary, by removing everything superfluous from the design. Each item should be in its place and contribute to the design. Anything extra that does not play on the idea should be removed.

The same goes for color choices. According to the rules of good design, no more than three colors must prevail in the room. You can play with shades, but do not mix red, blue, green, and a few more colors – it will be bad taste.

Therefore, combining wallpaper, keep this information in mind.

Gradient wallpaper as a trend

Fashion Wallpaper for Walls

Gradient wallpapers are trendy now. These are wallpapers where there is a smooth transition from dark to light and vice versa. If you decided to buy fashionable wallpapers in 2021, then pay attention to the gradient canvases. They will be especially relevant for minimalist room designs, where there are few objects, and the eye cannot catch on to anything.

Metallic wallpaper

Fashion Wallpaper for Walls

A reasonably new solution for today is wallpaper with a metallic color. Such wallpapers will at least highlight your room and give it a slightly cold color, but at the same time beautifully playing in the light.

Black and white wallpaper

Fashion Wallpaper for Walls

Black and white wallpapers are pretty fashionable. In this combination, the main thing is not to overdo it and competently dilute the interior with other items and furniture. It should be understood that black and white are the most complex color solutions, but the interiors are gorgeous in the right hands.

Wallpaper with waves

Fashion Wallpaper for Walls

Wallpaper with the image of waves is quite widespread today. Perhaps this is somehow calming, but we want to warn you a little against gluing wallpaper with a picture of something. The fact is that such wallpapers will fit nicely into the interior where there is a lot of monochromatic furniture and everything is done to a minimum. If you have a rather colorful interior, you should not shove images of waves into it. Again, proceed from the design concept of each room or apartment, the house as a whole.


So, we have covered the theme of trendy wallpapers in 2020. If, after reading the material, you still have questions. Then we recommend that you unsubscribe them in the comments, and our authors or readers will answer you.