7 Little Known Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

Although the interiors of your house have small rooms, they can become spectacular bedrooms. Follow these simple tips, and you will see how your room grows in meters and style.

We give you ideas to convert the decoration of the interiors of your house and go from a small room to a bedroom that seems larger. It is not just about changing the paint on the walls to a white color. That is not an essential factor for a room to appear larger. The trick is to choose and combine the proportions of the furniture well and select the most suitable shapes for the space that the room occupies. You can have an amazing bedroom, even if it’s small. It doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be white. Make the most of the space you have, and have fun!

1. Choose a low bed and mattress

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

When we talk about small bedrooms, it may seem that the best option is a small bed. But, the really important thing is that it is a low bed. When it comes to small bedrooms, the key is to think about the height of the bed and the height of the mattress. And don’t be afraid to add a headboard: your room won’t look smaller because you add a headboard to the bed.

2. The alternative to the tatami

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

The tatami-style beds may not convince you. If you prefer a more conventional bed and have a small bedroom, choose one with small, thin legs. In this way, you will allow air to circulate under the bed, making the room cooler. It is a small detail, but you already know that every detail counts when it comes to rooms with a few meters.

3. Choose a single focal point

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

Every room needs a focal point. That design element captures your eye the moment you walk into the room. It can be a lamp like the one in the photograph or a colored element (fluorine could be a good option). All rooms (living room, dining room) need a focal point, but in the bedroom case, it is even more relevant as it is a narrower space.

4. Choose between headboard or frame

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

If you have opted for a bed with a headboard, forget about putting pictures in the room; it’s too much information. Everything revolves around the idea of ​​not feeling overwhelmed when you walk into the bedroom; after all, it is a place to relax. If you have a headboard and add a painting on the same wall, you will make it feel too heavy. On the other hand, if you have a room with a “light” bed, a painting can become the best option, even acting as an improvised headboard.

5. The bedside table that suits you best

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

Nightstands should accompany the bed, never dominate it. A good option is a round nightstand or a small bench. And if it has the same texture as the legs of the bed, all the better. The nightstand is a secondary item, but make sure it’s neither too flimsy nor too small because, in that case, it can feel like an apology. In the photograph, Zara Home proposal.

6. Two or three objects maximum

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

It is convenient to maintain order in a small room, so we recommend that you do not have more than two or three objects on the nightstand. It is preferable to have two or three large pieces than many small ones. A lamp, the book you are reading, and a box for jewelry. The rest (photo frames, travel souvenirs) are better to take to a more spacious place.

7. Sophisticated yet understated bedding

Tricks to Decorate Small Bedroom

Small rooms require less bedding. In a small space, a bed full of pillows will feel heavy. Instead of creating a serene and harmonious place, you will be creating a suffocating environment. Consider something relaxing yet luxurious in pastel shades or soft prints.